Day 26: Watching the skies

Day 26:

The Company could be back to pick me up any time now. I’m trying to stay aboveground so they can find me. Trying to stay busy so I don’t spend all my time scanning the skies. Of course it’s cloudy and rainy today so I couldn’t see an approach if I wanted to… not that the blue atmosphere of this oxygen-rich planet would’ve allowed me to see much anyway. At night I’ve got a better chance, but being outside at night on this planet is just a really bad plan.

I cut down some trees today and used them to make charcoal. It’s tiring, dirty work, but not much different from mining except for the sun and the heat. (Not much of that deep underground.) But if I’m here a few more days I’m going to need the charcoal for more torches. Otherwise I could still be overrun by creatures sneaking in the back entrance to the cave.

I’m really looking forward to the ship. I’m really looking forward to anti-inflammatories and pain killers. I’ve fallen a couple of times in the cave, might’ve greenstick fractured my arm, hard to tell. Could just be soreness but the bruises mean it could be something more.

Don’t know what I’d do if I had to set a bone here. I’m trying to be careful enough not to find out.

When I’m done this six-month stint, I think I’ll take a year off before I re-up. Go home, see the family, maybe visit Grandpa’s grave and thank him for teaching me how to fish.

Two more days.

Sketch. Poorly drawn right arm, palm-side up. There's a big bruise on the left edge of the inside of the forearm, taking up about 1/2 the forearm, that darkens near the center of the injury. It is labelled "still learning to mix colors. That spot should be purple in the middle fading to brown on the edges."
It doesn’t hurt unless I’m awake.