Day 235: What do you do with a bucket of lava?

Day 235:

The bucket worked.

Believe you me, filling a bucket with lava was no easy trick. First I had to find a lava fall, then I had to find a part of the lava fall that wasn’t flowing like water because that’s a bit more than I wanted to deal with, then I had to figure out how to divert some of it without melting the bucket. I mean, it’s really hard to tell where to apply lava to prevent bucket failure.

Strangely, a glass spoon worked best.

(Don’t ask when I made the glass spoon, just know that occasionally a person gets tired of getting splinters when they’re not good at making wooden spoons.)

So yes, lava in a bucket is just fine. It makes the bucket REALLY FREAKING HOT, but other than that small detail, and the fact that it doesn’t make any damn sense, it’s pretty handle.