Day 610: Above the trees

Day 610:

I reached the top of a mountain today.

Turns out I’m south of the mountain I was aiming for — that one’s within hiking distance from this stairwell I dug. Where “hiking distance” means “I’m going to ruin a lot of boots climbing these rocks”.

Anyway, it was a very cold rain and wind on top of the mountain I was on. (I feel like I should name it. Stairwell Mountain maybe?) And the snow line is just a few feet from where I stood, above the trees.

There’s no sign of life in any direction I look.

I’m going to set up camp here for the night and then in the morning go hike the other mountain, the actual Big Mountain, and see if I find anything there.

Cold, rainy, and deserted definitely isn’t what I was hoping for, though, I have to say.

Day 609: done

Day 609:

I’ve dug to just below the surface. I know I’m just below the surface because I just hit a layer of permafrost when digging up, and you don’t get permafrost in the places that the soil doesn’t freeze.

And it’s so cold.

And I’m so tired.

I’m home — all the way home — home base home. I need a sleep in my own bed and a hot meal that isn’t potatoes and all of those things are here. It’s way past my usual bedtime. I’m yawning so hard my eyes are watering and I keep dropping the pen.

But writing down that i’m almost there was just so important that I pressed on to this point.

so goodnight, reader, and I’ll find out where I am in the morning.

Day 608: I could probably label every day “more ore” actually

Day 608:

More mining, more ore… the problematic piece of mining like this is that usually I chase the seam and turn that into a chamber, but when I’m building a stairwell the last thing i want to do for efficiency’s sake is start changing the size and placement of the steps. People like them to be consistent, you know? I mean when do you go to a shopping satellite and have all the stairwells out of alignment and one running into an empty wall? Pretty much never, it hinders movement. And it’s fine for chasing ore seams but not for stairwells.

So it’s a lot of backtracking to where I was and where I think I’m going (up). And that makes for long somewhat boring days.

Day 607: ore!

Day 607:

Found some very nice granite, which is good because that’s what i’m planning to make the next floor of this place out of. And that led to some andesite which mean snow I have plans for the floor above that one… and that led to some coal, which is good because I like burnin things… and that led to a zombie. Whom I dispatched.

Day 606: digging a stairwell

Day 606:

There’s a reason when you see someone building a new building they’re usually building the stairwells and elevator shafts first, and that’s that you really want those particular things to be rock solid foundations for the rest of the building. They’re like chimneys in all the ways you don’t want them to be, too, which is why you don’t make your staircase out of wood.

Especially if you live on a backwater asteroid in the middle of nowhere where the wildlife tends to explode or catch fire.

So unlike a ladder, which I’ll gladly throw together out of wood because around here a 3 meter fall is called “Tuesday”, building a stairway to the heavens is something I’m willing to take my time on.

And oh frog is it boring.

I mean, every room looks exactly the same, they’re stacked one on top of each other, the most exciting thing you can hope for is some interesting ore. And I’m two floors above where I started and I haven’t even found any decent dirt yet.