Day 489: ugh

Day 489:

Did some rail stuff.

Had a ducken laying eggs on my bed all day, didn’t know it. Came back inside after a hard and backbreaking and hot amount of work, can’t go to bed until I clear the eggs off.

Less than pleased.

Day 488: Success! Rails!

Day 488:

The sand mould worked! I have mostly-straight rails of the length I wanted, and they didn’t explode, and they seem to be pretty stable!

Now I  just need to do that a few hundred more times.

Plus they take a loooooooong time to cool.

So I’m going to make more frames, to make more rails, and see where I get with that. It’ll give me something to do in the evenings that isn’t sewing chicken skins together to make leather.

Day 487: trying again with sand

Day 487:

Building my new frame didn’t take long because I’d started one the other night in case something happened, which we all know it did.

(I’m still picking shards of lava-smacked clay out of my hair. Not sure how I didn’t lose an eyeball.)

So now I’m packing sand into it instead of clay. The sand here seems to pack well – the grains look and feel pretty consistent – so i’m hoping I can pack the entire mould, carefully remove the wood templates, pour the metal once the sand has dried, and maybe have rails.

Day 486: Hot rails

Day 486:

I poured the molten iron into the frame and there was a lot of exploding and I don’t have a frame anymore.

Apparently ceramics shouldn’t be made with high speed and wet clay.

Back to the drawing board.

Drive, Act 2 by Dave Kellett

Welp, that didn’t take long.

Drive Act Two is (obviously) the continuation of Drive, Act One, which I reviewed earlier today… because I inhaled both books today.

The second act of this story is as intoxicating as the first, filled with aliens and worlds beyond ours, introducing new characters and new twists and turns to the plot line at every convenience. The pacing continues to be spot-on. The art continues to be polished and delightful. The situation for our cast of characters continues to worsen, which, I mean sure, act 2, that’s it’s job.

I’ve reached the point in the story where even if I tried to explain the plot to the reader, it would take longer than actually reading the book. Plus I’d mess it up. Suffice it to say that I look forward to Act 3 with great admiration for Dave Kellett’s writing and a sincere desire to see how this all wraps up.

Or whether it does wrap up. There’s no law against a five-act space opera.

This isn’t one you’re going to find on Amazon. Buy directly from the Drive store in hardback, paperback, or PDF.