Day 189: Confessions

Day 189:

I have a confession to make.

I’m not digging toward the big mountain.

I mean, I was. I started doing that. But then I hit a really nice seam of ore… and then another… and another… and I’m pretty much just harvesting everything this dirtball has to offer right now.

I’ll get back to digging toward the big mountain.

I will!

I know it looks like I’m addicted to mining, but I’m not!

I just like dirt, is all.

And maybe I’m a little afraid of what I’ll find out on the big mountain. And maybe I’m not sure if I can sew a coat warm enough for up in the snows. I can’t tell how cold it gets up there or whether it could kill me.

Or whether there’s people up there who will kill me.

Or whether there’s people up there who will tell me that it’s all just a big hoax and I’ve been duped by The Company, or fired, or something.

I’m better off with the ore, is what I’m saying

If I have the ore, then even if The Company fires me, I’ve got these logs as records the they abandoned me — the clause in my contract says 180 days — so I would get to keep everything I find.

I know that sounds selfish. Some people might even think I’ve been trying not to be found just so that I could keep what I found. Those people haven’t faced down a horror squid at two in the morning in their bedroom. Or slept on an untanned sheep hide. Or eaten carrots for 180 meals straight.

But I’ll also admit that there was a tiny tiny piece of me that was hoping, as day 180 slowly crept up, that maybe they wouldn’t find me before the deadline, so at least I’d get something out of this crudhole.

Anyway, I’m digging. I’m a little ashamed of it, but I’m doing it anyway.

Day 188: Chasm-riffic

Day 188:

Found another deep chasm. Thought I couldn’t see the bottom, then thought I could see the bottom and it was a roiling river, then realized that it was filled with zombies.

I really need to invent grenades.

Anyway, I lived and I may stay home a day or two to clean the gore off my equipment.

Day 187: Mapping still

Day 187:

I’m still mapping the floors. Turns out I’ve done a lot more digging than I thought. The mapping is going well and seems to be working out okay, and I’ve even found some ore that I’d missed before.

It’s tiring, and I get lost a lot, and that’s kind of pathetic… but it’s also why I’m making a map.

Day 186: Squids in the basement

Day 186:

Yes, the horror squid appeared in the basement. Vwoop! And there it was.

And I killed it.

And I hate those things.

Day 185: Too many land squid

Day 185:

Spent some time digging, still trying to update my map, but when my last pickaxe broke I headed back home for a few hours.

It was still daylight. Even with the clock I made, I often lose track of the time when I’m down in the mines. I don’t get very hungry unless I’m extra-active, so for all I know I could be spending days down there and not aware of it. Often, when I come home, it’s already dark.

Since it was still light, I brought in the crops and fed the animals tonight instead of tomorrow morning.

While I was out there, darkness fell, and the zombie hordes descended once again. Strangely, they haven’t figured out how to climb fences, so I can stand in the center of my compound and shoot them with my bow and arrow in relative safety, as long as the cows don’t walk in the way.

I cleared out the bulk of the zombies and looked across the valley. It’s a clear night, so I could see almost all the way to the southern entrance and the bridge. And as I looked across, I saw the horror squid marching across the valley. Three of them, each hauling large mounds of earth with them, like demented dung beetles.

Decided that was a good time to double-lock the doors and go to bed.