Day 271: More archeology

Day 271:

Today I pulled up 3 more fishing rods, another pair of boots (was wondering when they’d show up), some of those name-tag like thingies, some more fishing rods… oh, and some fish.

No glowing books today but I’m OK with that, because just looking at them makes me tired.

My head doesn’t hurt as much so tomorrow I’m going to go back underground and see if the noise of hitting rocks with picks is a problem.

Day 270: more books

Day 270:

Over the last few days I’ve “caught” more of the weird glowing books while fishing. They don’t appear to affect my sack or my body, but they do catch fire if placed on certain items like tools or weapons.

But some books appear to apply to some weapons and not others… or some tools but not others…. and one book only caught fire if I put it near my helmet, which now glows blue.

I don’t know and I’m not sure I want to know.

The bigger mystery, to me, is how did a society that clearly needed a lot of boots and a lot of saddles also happened to need a large library of water-resistant books? And what were they doing with them? They’re certainly not convenient to carry around,

Day 269: still healing

Day 269:

I’m still getting nasty headaches and I had to make a hat with a wide brim to try to make the sun’s glare off the water not quite as horrible. So whatever I did a few days ago, I did an epic job of it.

Meanwhile, I went out to my favorite fishing spot and on my way there a skeleton shot me in the shoulder. He won’t be shooting anyone anymore, but in the meantime, that’s one more injury to account for.

Have to say I’m pretty impressed with the armor I made a while ago. The arrow penetrated it, but only so far as to give me a bad scratch. As long as the arrow isn’t poisoned I should be OK.

Day 268: Ride ’em bacon

Day 268:

While fishing today I caught a saddle, and that saddle was smaller than the horse ones I’ve been finding.

But it did fit my pig.

So after everything else was done tonight I rode my pig around my paddock.

Because everyone’s got to have some fun occasionally, and the pig didn’t seem to mind.

Day 267: Fishing haul

Day 267:

Over the past few days I’ve brought in a lot of fish, which is good. I’ve also brought in three fishing rods, mostly in disrepair, and a strange glowing book.

I tossed the book onto a pile of tools when I took it out of my pack, and it caught fire. That caused some panic, and a real stench too I might add. I have no idea how it caught fire but when it was done the top pickaxe glowed funny. It seems lighter to swing, easier on the arm.

I’ve decided not even to ask questions…. but to be more careful where I put odd glowing books in the future.

Meanwhile I’m eyeing up the fish skins on these fish I’m smoking and wondering if I can use them to make summer clothes.