Day 186: Squids in the basement

Day 186:

Yes, the horror squid appeared in the basement. Vwoop! And there it was.

And I killed it.

And I hate those things.

Day 185: Too many land squid

Day 185:

Spent some time digging, still trying to update my map, but when my last pickaxe broke I headed back home for a few hours.

It was still daylight. Even with the clock I made, I often lose track of the time when I’m down in the mines. I don’t get very hungry unless I’m extra-active, so for all I know I could be spending days down there and not aware of it. Often, when I come home, it’s already dark.

Since it was still light, I brought in the crops and fed the animals tonight instead of tomorrow morning.

While I was out there, darkness fell, and the zombie hordes descended once again. Strangely, they haven’t figured out how to climb fences, so I can stand in the center of my compound and shoot them with my bow and arrow in relative safety, as long as the cows don’t walk in the way.

I cleared out the bulk of the zombies and looked across the valley. It’s a clear night, so I could see almost all the way to the southern entrance and the bridge. And as I looked across, I saw the horror squid marching across the valley. Three of them, each hauling large mounds of earth with them, like demented dung beetles.

Decided that was a good time to double-lock the doors and go to bed.

Day 186: Uniforms of the dead

Day 186:

Was attacked by a zombie out of uniform today. Or maybe in uniform? Instead of the usual horrendous teal-and-purple, this whacko was wearing a beat-to-heck lab coat.

I have no explanation for that.

Other than that, mapping and digging all day. Looking forward to getting to the big mountain somehow.

Day 184: Connecting the dots

Day 184: I’m still trying to fix my maps, and it’s a lot more work than I thought because apparently I have a lot more rooms than I thought I did.

I’ve been hard at work here.

Day 183: Poop

Day 183:

With all these animals you’d think there’d be a heck of a lot of fertilizer around.

They don’t poop.

I’m baffled too.

I, on the other hand, have ver carefully marked my outhouse’s “storage” area on the map so I never ever ever tunnel into it.