Day 52: Unnecessary cruelty?

Day 52:

I went out to harvest my carrots and wheat today, and there was a pony-sized spider standing between me and the garden.

I killed it with my sword.

I’m feeling a bit weird about it because, at least during the day, the pony spiders are never aggressive. (Well, except for that one stuck in the cavern that fell on my head. I’m thinking “mitigating circumstances”.

And I don’t much like killing spiders because they get goo (ichor?) all over my sword blade. Granted, it turns to dust and falls off, but I’m still thinking that can’t do anything good for the sword.

If they didn’t try to kill me at night, I’d leave the pony spiders alone. Most days, I do leave them alone. But this one was between me and my food. I try to tell myself that I killed it for threatening my food, but I didn’t. I just killed it for being in my way.

Some days I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

Sketch of a pony-sized spider looking cute. It has four red eyes, a large grey body with black spots on it, and black-striped legs. Labeled "Pony spiders are also sometimes cute."
Maybe more cute if their eyes weren’t red