Day 54: moonlight

Day 54:

I dug all day, got some good amounts of sand, some andesite, some diorite, and some iron ore. A little more ore and I’ll be more comfortable about heading toward the mountain. I want some strong tools and a backup sword with me when I get there.

Came up from underground just in time to see the moon rising. It’s a beautiful clear night and you can see the duckens in the pond, the cows starting to lay down to sleep, and the skeletons crossing over the horizon.

So a short-lived kind of beauty, but beauty nonetheless.

Watercolored sketch of the fenced-in area where the duckens are kept, at night. The 3/4 crescent moon is in the center of the sky, and 7 duckens are bright white against dark green grass and a dark blue pond.
Glowy duckens in the moonlight.