Day 55: Glass and sand

Day 55:

Now I’ve got a lake over my head when I’m mining, and it’s raining, so I’m not mining today.

Instead I’m drawing designs for a bathtub because I want a bathtub so badly.

I think I’ve figured out a way to put a fire underneath the tub, which theoretically should be safe because the tub will be carved out of stone? I’m not dumb enough to boil myself in a metal pot but a rock one might work.

I just have to figure out which chamber to put it in. Maybe one of the ones near water so I don’t have to haul it.

Colored line sketch of the crossection between two floors. On the upper floor a glass box resembling a bathtub is filled with water. The floor is thick stone between it and the lower floor. In the lower floor, a panel of some sort is hung by chains from the ceiling directly under the tub, and it has 3 small fires lit under it. Theoretically this would heat the water evenly and not too hot. Labeled "Bathtub plans".
Chain could be a problem since i don’t have the iron to spare.