Day 85: Off-course

Day 85:

I’ve gotten a lot of valuable stone out of the hills lately, but since I’ve started drawing a map of where the cave chambers are going, I’ve realized I’m digging in the wrong direction.

Time to turn things around I guess. Can’t get to the mountain by digging north.

A sketch of the artist's paper-making setup. The artist spreads cane pulp in the center of a rectangular stone with a ridge cut into its top, then sets a much larger rectangular stone on top.The liquid gets pressed out of the pulp, runs through the ridges, to a spigot that drains into a bowl that will hopefully crystallize into sugar. When the paper is dry and flat, the author removes the stone and collects the paper to dry further. Labeled "how I make paper".
Oh hey! By the way, making paper seems to be working. Here’s my setup.