Day 129: Giant mushrooms

Day 129:

I’d mentioned the giant mushrooms before a while ago. They seem to come in two types, which I’m going to call “big red round” and “flat and tan”.

Neither make good building materials. Neither is particularly good for anything short of making soup out of. The red one has a flavor a bit like a portobello, but the tan one would remind you a bit more of, well, tofu. There’s nothing to it. It works well with fish because at least fish already has a flavor, but it is not a mushroom to mix with ducken.

They’re so very very huge that I was puzzled for a little while how they’d even grow. Then one night I watched a zombie battle a skeleton (it happens occasionally) and where the skeleton’s death dust (for lack of a better word) fell on the wooded area, the mushrooms suddenly shot up to five meters tall.

Metabolic processes on this planet are weird, y’all.

But now that I know how to make the mushrooms grow I’m thinking maybe I’ll have more mushroom soup.

Line sketch of two trees with a round-topped mushroom of the same height between them.