Day 142: So this is my life now

Day 142:

I’m way underground, digging through to what looks like a giant chasm, and I’m attacked by zombies.

Child zombies.

Wielding potatoes.

I had to kill child zombies who were trying to kill me with potatoes today because if I didn’t kill these little six-year-old monsters they would have kept going until they killed me and we all know a six year old has more energy than a nuclear power plant.

I’m not saying I’m the best at what I do. I’m not even saying I’m a good person.

But when a child tries fervently to kill you with a potato, well, you can’t help but doubt whether you look scary enough to protect yourself, you know?

Thinking about making some kind of mask, is what I’m saying. Maybe disguise myself as a cow.

Nobody tries to kill cows with potatoes.

bad sketch of a child zombie with both arms in the air, wielding a potato as a weapon