Day 145: Watchers

Day 145:

I’ve mentioned that the East Entrance emptied out into a chasm.

I didn’t even know the meaning of the word, comparatively.

I mined out the ores and stone in that chasm only to find that I was looking into an even bigger chasm. Like much bigger. Perhaps kilometers.

There are two challenges to exploring it. The first is that I’ve once again dug out into the middle of it. I’m at least 30 meters above its base.

The second is that it’s filled with giraffe-corgis. I lit a torch and could see them huddled together in an opening across from where I’m standing, a little further south of me. I could see five. I don’t know how many more there are.

If I could have remote detonated them, I might have exploded the entire cavern, if not set off an earthquake.

It’s an odd feeling, seeing semi-sentient bombs salivating over the sight of you.

A sketch of a tunnel leading to a tall thin (rocket-like) chamber with steps crisscrossing it. At the bottom of the chamber a stick figure is shown discovering that they are now staring into a much larger chamber, that has stick figure horror corgis standing on the bottom and on ledges on the inside of the giant chamber.