Day 230: Rotting meat

Day 230:

The area where I was working yesterday is splattered with rotted zombie guts.

Even if I was in a civilized location with a fire hose, I’m not sure that I could easily clean this mess up. Here in the middle of nowhere it’s about impossible.

I’ve taken to carrying my piles of ore over to a nearby waterfall and dumping them underneath just to clean the worst of the gristle off and make things less slippery.

This means I am wet and covered with zombie guts most of the time. And that I’m slipping and sliding more often, which is more than a little annoying, especially since it’s not like I’m wearing rubber soles or anything here.

I haven’t even seen anything remotely like rubber here.

Well, maybe the jelly cube monster.

Great, now I’m trying to figure out if I can turn the leftover goo from the cube monster into sneakers, when I should be sleeping.