Day 283: Paused on account of lack of rocks

Day 283:

This sounds absolutely ridiculous to say but I’ve run out of rock.

Or rather, I’ve run out of hot polished rock, which sounds a little better.

I discovered a while ago that not everything I mine has to come out the size of ugly cobblestones… more importantly I discovered accidentally that putting a load of cobblestones in a furnace will result in a possibly good slab of stone.

This should not work. There’s nothing in physics from anywhere else in this universe that even suggests this should work. Which means either the cobblestones here are so iron-rich that I can “smelt” them back together or perhaps I’m not even in my universe any more.

The thought had crossed my mind.

So the hot rocks (don’t know what else to call them, even though they’re not radioactive — well, heck, for all I know they are radioactive, but with no geiger counter it’s hard to tell without them being so “hot” that they melt my face off.) make really nice floors and I like to keep them around for that purpose, but somehow I lost track of how many I had.

So instead of digging to the east and laying down good solid flooring as I go, I’m fishing again while my cave fills with smoke and hot rock fumes, none of which are particularly healthy for the lungs.

At least it’s a nice day. Standard temperature, no rain, no zombies or exploding giraffe-corgis, no horror squids, just me and a line and some fish. And some boots. And a bowl. And a glowing book.

But other than that, normal-like. Relaxing.

Until I have to carry around tons of hot rock later anyway.

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