Day 290: not-as-greens

Day 290:

Spent the day making paper because I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my handwriting is pretty big and it takes up most of the page on these little sheets I make.

I’d make bigger sheets but that means trying to make bigger frames, and honestly the paper rips most of the time when I make it on the little frames. It’s not easy to get a pulpy substance to congeal into a papery substance without things like, say,  wire mesh.

Huh, I wonder if I could use those weird wings those killer night birds have to do it.

That would require being outside with the killer night birds, though, and honestly I think I’d rather take on the horror squid.

Speaking of which, they’ve been pretty prevalent in the caverns I’ve been mining lately, It is not coincidental that I’m taking a day or so topside to do some housekeeping kinds of tasks. Horror squids are nasty nasty creatures.

I’m still trying to figure out if I can boil down the liquid from the cane and turn it into sugar. Maybe that’ll be the other half of my work tomorrow. Some candied carrots would be a nice change.