Day 299: songs I wish I could remember

Day 299:

For as much as some songs are fully stuck in my head and I feel like I’m going to die when they go on repeat in my brain, other songs won’t come to me at all.

Grandpaps used to sing me an oldie called “Livin’ on a prayer” from way back before the space colonies.

Richie Proust on the ship used to sing a bunch of mining songs, old stuff. His family was mining for eight generations back I think, and he knew all the best songs for swinging a pickaxe to.

Maddie Carlison was old mining blood too and she knew all the risqué songs that Richie wouldn’t sing because he was afraid he’d get in trouble with the boss. Stuff like “That’s not a handle” and “Shoot that laser low”.

But I miss my mom’s lullabies the most. I wish I could remember them.