Day 431: More evidence of cobblers

Day 431:

More fishing today and by tomorrow I should have enough dried fish to put me up for a while.

Pulled in another bowl and another of those weird glowing books today, but that wasn’t the exciting part. The exciting part was when I pulled in two huge leather sheets — like I’d pulled off an entire cowhide, essentially — from the same area where I pull up all the shoes.

In my amateur hour archaeological mind, this proves that the site I’m fishing into is the underwater remains of a shoe store, or if not a store, than a cobbler’s shop. Something where making and distributing shoes was a priority.

The leather is very fine quality, I have to say. I almost hate to use it for shoes for all I tend to do to my feet here. I’m wondering whether they’d be good to use for my notebook covers instead. It might protect them slightly better and it’s certainly better than making boots to step in zombie ichor with.