Day 450: Obsidian!

Day 450:

I found a huge cache of obsidian, an extremely solid rock that’s essentially a giant blob of lava glass.

It’s hard as hell to mine and I have to be really careful not to cut myself on the everything. Yes, the everything. The dust, the shards, the fragments, the big pieces, the little pieces… I mentioned it was glass, yes?

I also have to cover myself head to toe (which let’s face it i pretty much already was) to not breathe in the obsidian or cut myself on it.

It makes for hot sweaty work.

Fortunately, there’s a waterfall in the area (which explains how the obsidian got here, because there’s also a lava pool) and I can rinse off, or rinse the area I’m working in, frequently enough to not die. Well, so far anyway.

I hope they find me soon enough that they can grow me new lungs.