Day 506: wood

Day 506:

I’ve gotten a lot of material out of these walls and that means wearing through a lot of tools – axes, shovels, torches — that require wood. (It’s a good idea to use wood handles when you don’t have vibration-activated inertial-dampening fiberglass. Wood’s the next best thing for dampening the vibrations from the rock. Plus, not nearly as conductive as, say, iron, which gets kind of warm if you hit a hot rock, and gets kind of sparky if you hit the red rock.)

So I’m heading back to home base for more wood as soon as I haul this haul topside. And maybe some pancakes. My current harvest of wheat should be just about ready, so some flour, eggs, and milk later I might actually have something nice as a treat.

Or more dried fish, I mean that’s always an option.

No, I think I’m going for the pancakes.