Day 603: more rock rats

Day 603

Killed some rock rats today and managed to save their skins. Why sometimes the bodies fully disintegrate and sometimes they don’t I don’t understand in the least and I’m hoping it’s something simple and not “because the ones that disintegrate put something into the air that will kill you”

Not that “will kill you” isn’t a requirement of this place to begin with.

When I got home I started tanning the skins, something I’m actually pretty good at now. They’re fragile, but I’m thinking that if I poke the tines through a ducken skin (which is thin but surprisingly sturdy, based on my mattresses) then I should be able to do something to attach the ducken skin to some cards (or heck, maybe just wrap it around a brick) and then use that as a carder.

Or I’ll stab myself ten dozen times with the tines and have a giant allergic reaction and die. Hard to tell at this stage.