Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal by A.C.H. Smith

The Dark Crystal was a fascinating movie, and it’s just as fascinating book; the coming-of-age and saving-of-world story of a Gelfling, Jen, who didn’t know about the prophecy that his people would restore their world to balance until his master died.

The book follows the plot of the movie quite precisely. Jim Henson worked closely with A. C. H. Smith to ensure he had the information he needed to do so. More importantly, it captures the feel of the movie and the world precisely. This isn’t Earth. The things that happen on Thra couldn’t happen here, and so unexpected sights and creatures and events are the norm.

Still, the book isn’t one I’d hand over to any kid who loved the movie. It’s written with a voice that reminds me of midcentury authors. It’s very heavy in world building and exposition, and compared to the movie is a bit slow.

Definitely a book for fans, not necessarily a book you’d necessarily want to hand over to a reluctant reader, is what I’m saying.