Day 640: dug into a pond again

Day 640: I accidentally dug into the bottom of a pond again. But this time I didn’t have any glass with me to seal it up, so I tried to just keep mining around the gushing water.

I’m now huddled around a shelf a few dozen feet deeper than I started, trying to keep warm through the night. It’s too dark to escape – I’ll be eaten by zombies. But I can’t tread water all night or I’ll freeze to death. So I’m wet and grouchy and really glad I put my notebook in a oil sealed waterproof pouch this morning.

I brought it because I thought I might hit one of my chambers and sleep on the far eastern side of the places I’ve dug out. Instead I’m on a ledge in the dark with a torch and a hell of a lot of rushing.

I may never hear again after tonight.