Day 654: bad aim

Day 654:

One of the things you need to do when you’re mining without a suit or exoskeleton is bring your own water. I’ve carved containers out of gourds, wood, and stone so far… the stone was by far the hardest (pun not intended) but also the least effective, because, well, cork is scarce around here and carving a twist-on lid is not easy in stone.

So I keep water on me, because dehydrating isn’t fun, and it’s easy to do even in humid and cold conditions like the inside of a cave.

The other thing you need to do is urinate, because you’re drinking all that water. The space suits and exoskeletons used to take care of all the various bodily functions’ clean up for us, even down to vomiting, because, well, nobody likes to asphyxiate in space. But here it’s just me and my armor and the hope that there isn’t a murderous exploding giraffe-corgi on the other side of the wall.

Lately I’ve been trying to aim for dirt, because it absorbs the smell better than stone and doesn’t leave a stain. Gravel drains everything straight through, as does sand, and “mounds of charcoal lying around waiting for you to pee on them” don’t seem to be a thing.

Today, I was draining a vein down a crevasse into what I thought was dirt… it was a zombie’s head.

I recommend using zombies to absorb urine. It doesn’t help their smell, it doesn’t remove your smell, and it seriously angers the zombie.