Day 666: Dinner plans

Day 666:

Back’s starting to loosen up and I’m feeling better, so I’m working outside instead of deep in the mines. Don’t want to push myself too hard.

And it gives me a chance to work on my food supply.

Now, objectively, I probably have enough food for a long time. I have one larder filled with more smoked fish than I could ever imagine. I have pork, beef, and chicken dried and preserved. I have (I wish I was kidding) trunks and trunks of carrots and pumpkin and wheat and things.

I’ve probably got a year’s worth of supplies. Well, standard year, anyway.

But what if it isn’t enough, I keep asking myself? What if there’s a six month blizzard tomorrow and I can’t get out for months and months? Is it enough?

Nevermind the fact that I think the planet’s locked into position around the sun and there is no sign this place gets seasons.

I wonder if I’ll be like this from now on, paranoid about food and shelter, or if it’s something I can grow back out of.