Day 754: Out of glass

Day 754:

I’ve used up so much glass in my mining that I’ve got to stop mining for now.

Usually, I use glass to mark the spots on the floor where I’m putting torches. First, I want to protect the expensive granite from soot and such. Second, it’s nice to have the light filter down to the next level of digging and saves on torches. Third, in the few places where I’ve put down wool rugs to keep my feet warm, the glass marks out the places where it’s not safe to put carpet because the torch will set it on fire.

So without glass, the unlit corridors are even more unlit, the torch locations are less predictable, etc. etc. Plus you know I just like the way it makes me feel.

I think that there’s more sand a kilometer or more away, along the river to the east. (Not that I have a good way to judge a kilometer. Right now it’s pretty much “how far can I walk without a side stitch?” I wanted to map that area sometime soon anyway, so at least for the time being, that’s where I’m headed.