Day 765: carving a hole in a mountain

Day 765

One of the big risks of working near mountains is that you lay road up one side of the mountain only to discover that the other side of the mountain is a cliff. Then, instead of a leisurely trip laying road down the side of the mountain, you end up rappelling down a cliff and coming up with a new plan.

Most people would probably build a switchback or something like that, but I am a miner on a deserted rock in the middle of some deserted arm of the galaxy, so instead of doing that, I’m just carving a straight line up the mountain.  I mean, look, I need markers on where my maps end to be accurate, otherwise I can’t really tell where I am. Switchbacks just aren’t the same as borders.

The good news, if you want to call it that, is that it’s actually faster to carve a hole in a mountain than build a switchback, and once it’s properly carved it’s faster to use too.

The bad news is I was so busy in the middle of a mountain that I forgot it was getting dark, and I had to run back to my easternmost camp under starlight. If you can call it running when you’re really trying to make your way around mountains and sheer cliffs.