Day 767: life goal: take out a mountain

Day 767

Okay, the road is across the river and around the lava death traps and almost but not quite met up with the southeasternmost corner of my last map. In other words, I have a really good idea of what’s in this area (quadrant? range? thingie?) of this place.

And let me tell you, these mountains are really messing with my safety.

All the cliffs mean that if I can get up the side of one of these steep steep hills, I can’t necessarily get back down safely. And all the sand I need for glass is on the other sides of the mountains. Plus, lava, etc.

So I’m actually seriously considering “landscaping” the mountains back down to some kind of manageable shape.

Or maybe converting them into a giant castle. I haven’t ruled that out yet.

I mean now that I’ve been here over two years and nobody’s shown up yet I’m thinking that whole “hide evidence I’m here” thing can go straight out the metaphorical port hole and I can build something impressive one of these days.

But not today, I’m exhausted. I’m sleeping far from my bathtub and I could really use a hot bath today. It’ll have to wait.