Day 274: Back where I started

Day 274: I finally reinforced this chamber all the way back to where I started, so I took a few hours to harvest the cane by the water near my primary entrance.

I think maybe I can turn it into sugar? It seems kind of starchy and sugary and sweet. And so far nothing here has poisoned me. (Then again, I haven’t tried the puffer fish.)

To find out, I think I’m going to need to forge a pot.

I wish I knew how to make a sand cast.

Day 273: boring digging

Day 273:

The only thing wrong with reinforcing tunnels is it’s super super boring.

Like, it’s prepping-to-paint boring. Or worse, it’s peeling-off-all-the-tape-after-painting boring.

I would rather be doing almost anything else. There’s nothing to find, nothing to bring home… it’s mostly just open space and timbers and walls and torches.

It makes me tired.

I’ve run out of songs I can remember from back on the ship, so I’m starting to sing old folk songs and stuff.

That boring.

Day 272: Looping back

Day 272: I dug into a cavern I’d dug out before, so now I’m heading back the way I came to actually polish it into a properly shaped and structured cavern.

I don’t have to, I guess, but it’s safer and easier to have a structure you can count on than it is to leave stalactites and fractions of walls all over the place.

And if I’ve dug into a place twice already, not only does that mean that it’s a place that is near valuable things, it also means that I’ve already damaged its natural stability twice as well.

So best to reinforce it, even if it means working backwards to a certain extent.

Day 271: Can’t leave well enough alone

Day 271:

A few days ago I swore I was going to stop digging down from the place  where I’m at, because it wasn’t getting me any closer to my goals.

Yeah, I was lousy at that.

I got some digging back toward the sheep done, and then I got distracted by a beautiful vein of granite, and now I’m back deep into this mine shaft again.

Well, at least I’m consistent, even if it’s going to get me killed.

Day 270: Seasonless cleaning

Day 270:

I’d call it spring cleaning if we had spring, but we don’t.

I spent the day straightening things up and stacking my warehouse more cleanly so I can get to things I need. Now I have a lot more space and I feel a lot more organized.

It didn’t really do much as far as true productivity is concerned, but sometimes cleaning just helps straighten out what needs to be done.

Besides, if that flocking lava flow got blown up one more time this week I was going to lose my mind.