Day 779: An underground pond

Day 779:

While working to tear down the mountain(s) today, I discovered an underground pond. Dug right into the side of it. It was cold and wet and a bit muddy.

Also, there was a sheep in it. I don’t know how he got there or how he was staying alive, but he’s now roaming the mountains so I count my horrible zoning policies as good deeds to sheep.

A sheep and a birch treee next to a pond that has a dirt roof. The dirt roof is actually a small mountain. I have no explanation for this.

Day 778: A view backwards

Day 778:

It occurred to me while I was up on top of the mountain today that maybe being able to see back toward my home would be helpful.

A view from the top of the mountain of a snow-covered hill and beyond that a forest. No sign of civilization except a single worktable on a hill. Also no sign of the author's house.

But, well, you can’t actually see my house from here because the trees are in the way.

It’s still a nice view. Too bad zombies keep trying to kill me near the edges so I’m tearing it down.

Day 777: tackling a mountain

Day 777:

Here’s the mountain that stands in my way of, well, everything.

Picture of a very tall but mostly stone mountain in the distance, with a tree and some rolling hills in the foreground.

Why am I so anti-mountain, you may ask?

Normally I wouldn’t be. I mean I’ve been both inside and outside of mountains, so they’re not really a threat to me. But on the other hand, this particular mountain stands between me and the village that lies — waves hand–  somewhere over there.

Plus, there’s only so tight a slope I can climb when being chased by monsters, and that particular mountain is much higher a grade than I can handle.

So don’t think of it as me removing a mountain. Think of it as me re-scaling a mountain to a safer height.

I’m going to need a lot of chests for this, for one thing.

Day 776: mining in a weird world

Day 776:

Okay, so here’s an example of how weird and messed up the gravity is here. (I am so glad to have this camera rock thing.)

There's a polished set of cinderblock bricks here that I've somehow balanced on top of a torch.

Yes, that’s a block of cinderblock bricks balanced on top of a torch. Not just balanced on a snuffed torch, mind. Balanced on the flame and smoke from a torch.

There’s no way these kinds of physics would fly on Earth. I’m not even sure they should be possible. And yet, here I am.

So either this is all a fever dream and even the photo thingie doesn’t exist, or someone in the Physics department at my alma mater has some explaining to do.

Anyway, I’m going out to the mountain to reassess that health hazard tomorrow. Tonight I sleep and worry some more about rocks and physics.

Day 775: a camera? of sorts?

Day 775:

I was attacked by one of those odd people with the bald heads and the purple cloaks. They got away, but they dropped a strange rock. It was sort of gem-like, with two facet-like sides that made it look like it would be a decent paperweight for the cave.

(Can I call it “the office” if it’s got a bunch of paperwork-like stuff in it but it’s made of stone and the paper in question is mashed bamboo?)

Anyway, didn’t think anything of it until the sun hit one of the shiny facet surfaces and a light beam shot out of the other faceted side similar to a crystal prism… but this time it etched the view that was coming in the sunny side onto the table.

Which involved a bit of smoke and drama but we’re not going there right now.

So apparently the purple people have cameras? At least they do as long as they also have something to etch the image onto that isn’t, say, a large dark oak table? That now has a picture of a large dark oak table on it?

I aimed it at a different place in my room and here’s what I got.

A photograph of sorts, of one of my chests, a furnace, and a worktable.

So that’s a thing.

It does take a long time, like at least 2 minutes, so it’s not nearly as convenient as actual photography… but still, hey, I can finally include some pictures of this place instead of just descriptions.