Day 637: You’re not going to believe this…

Day 637:

You’re not going to believe this, but I’m bored of digging underground.

I tried going back underground today to dig and it was dark and cold and I was so lonely. So after a while I came aboveground again and hugged my cows.

Tomorrow I’m going back to the place where I was digging out the sand and working there in the sun and the trees with the zombies and the skeletons. It’s an odd choice, but I’m comfortable with it.

Day 636: ok less ranting more running

Day 636: still looking for sand in this lake/river combination I’m mining. I’ve found some good diorite while I’m out here. And one of those frogging murderers has found me. So I got shot at a bit.

Glad to say my diamond armor held up okay and his leather armor didn’t.

Not glad to say that it was probably my ranting and raving at the walls of the cave that drew his attention, and I’m thinking it’s time for me to go back to quiet or underground work.

Day 635: still ranting

Day 635:

And another thing: I don’t care that I’m on a rock with no good metal core in the middle of nowhere: when i dig into the side of a cliff, I expect the dirt that’s over my head to collapse like any good honest dirt would do. None of this floating in the air because it hasn’t realized it’s supposed to be falling garbage.

Seriously, why is it that a skeleton can fall right down on my head without so much as a “look out below” but entire vegetable gardens worth of soil can just hang up in the sky like freaking clouds?

I hate this place.

Day 634: falling skeletons

Day 634:

How many times have skeletons been on the roof of a cave I’ve been digging out now? I’m not sure. But regardless of the number I don’t enjoy falling skeletons. And for that matter I’m incredibly annoyed that they don’t immediately fall apart, what with the lack of tendons and muscles and such.

I mean, they don’t even have cartilage or I assume they would also have noses.

Zombies I can chalk up as some kind of horrible virus or mutation. But skeletons insult my sense of physics.

Day 633: falling skeletons

Day 633:

Still trying to clear the space around this pond lake thing. I got all the ore out of it, but then had to deal with water that, well.

Water doesn’t flow quite the same way here as at home. And by at home I mean on any reasonably sized planet with standard gravity. There, water always flows down and fills everything. Here, sometimes it just decides not to. Like, I get waterfalls where there should just be “sea level”.

So sometimes just to get water to behave like water should, I end up filling holes and leveling the water. Which is the weirdest thing to say short of “I am being hunted by zombies on an unknown asteroid.”