Day 711: No close calls today

Day 711: I made a point of staying away from anything that moved under its own power today, whether it was zombies, giant horse spiders, skeletons, or exploding giraffe-corgis.

I did break a bow shooting a giraffe-corgi, but it was one that I’d picked up off a skeleton (most of my bows are skeleton-made if I’m being honest) so it wasn’t a huge loss. No attachment, essentially.

I was happily digging up a huge pit of clay I’d found when it started to rain. I was already wet because the clay around here seems to be mostly in bodies of water, but it still didn’t seem to be a good idea to stand in the water in the rain. Thunderstorms, when they do blow up here, really blow up here.

Day 710: much closer call

Day 710: took a heck of a hit from a mess of zombies today.

I thought it was just a zombie hiding in the trees, but it turned out to be four zombies and a exploding giraffe-corgi, who promptly exploded.

That part was pretty convenient because it injured the zombies. The zombies, by the way, were all wearing armor. But not like the murderers that come around wearing matching armor — these zombies were in all kinds of armor. Leather, gold, chain mail, diamond, it was as if they’d gone through the dumpster behind some kind of zombie army navy store.

None of it was in good enough condition for me to take, and I spent most of the day making new arrows to increase my supply.

The area I’m mining right now (and generally cleaning up) is just northeast of my most northeastern point, and it’s got a lot of tall trees that really block out the sun. It’s dark in there, which I think is why it’s such a zombie pit.

I’m torn between keeping the trees (who doesn’t love trees?) and taking them down so I don’t get killed. Maybe I can thin them?

I’ll need more wood for arrows soon anyway I suppose. Especially if I don’t thin the woods.

Guess I’ve answered my question.

Day 709: close call

Day 709: Almost got blown up when an exploding giraffe corgi snuck up on me, but I spotted it just in time and shot it down.

Otherwise I’d probably be under a mess of swamp water because I was under a glass ceiling under a swamp.

Not the place you want to be blown to smithereens, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, duckens are following me everywhere and I have to be honest, I have no idea where they’re coming from at this point. Are they all my doing for trying to domesticate them? Or are there just this many in the wild? I don’t know, but I don’t feel bad about turning them into fried ducken sandwiches anymore.

Day 708: Bamboo

Day 708: I planted a lot of bamboo today.

I planted bamboo in part because I’ve been growing it outside my house, but monsters like to hide in it there, and it’s a bit disconcerting to have someone jumping out to kill you when you just got up in the morning.

On the other hand, I’m fond of having paper, especially when it comes to things like keeping this journal and making my maps. This could be because layering some mashed up plant pulp on top of each other and drying it is a heck of a lot easier than spending three days scraping a sheep skin to make vellum. I mean, I don’t think I’m lazy necessarily, but I certainly have other things I could be doing.

Anyway, planted a whole load of bamboo shoots down near the volcano. I don’t have to worry about being jumped down there and it’s a swamp, so there’s plenty of water. It’s nice to have a place to grow something I need that won’t also necessarily lead to unexpected death.

Now if I could just get a hold of the sonic washing machine that was on the ship to get this thick mud off my pants…

Day 707: Oh hello pit full of zombies

Day 707:

Nothing like digging west to figure out what’s out here safely only to find a pit with not one, not three, but seven zombies hanging out with a flock of ducken.

Some day I’ll figure out why the zombies don’t attack the ducken.

Maybe it’s the smell? I don’t know.

But the zombies are gone now and I have a pile of rotted meat the ducken won’t eat. In a pit. Far from home.

Kinda gross, actually.