Day 660: walls

Day 660:

It occurs to me that all this loose cobblestone I’ve got filling bins and boxes and anything else I can use it for so it doesn’t constantly trip me could probably be used as the foundation of a good solid home.

This place is like swiss cheese. Sometimes I have no idea how it stays together with me digging giant tunnels through it. I swear I saw a rock float the other day.

Day 659: pants

Day 659:

Came out of my cave this morning and got jumped by six zombies, two skeletons, and an exploding giraffe-corgi.

Somewhere along the lines the zombies and the skeletons started fighting, but not until someone, I’m still not sure who, had managed to shred the seat out of my armor.

Let me just say that when you’re in the middle of a firefight for your life, suddenly feeling a breeze in the nether regions is not exactly what you’re looking for.

I’ve got the situation straightened out now, minus a good number of cuts and bruises. I’m seriously considering the possibility of taking a day off tomorrow.

Day 658: Time to face the truth

Day 658:

It’s time for me to admit that I’m apparently too frightened to head toward the village.

I mean, it’s fair to be afraid, right? I spent a long time here thinking I was the only live humanoid, and once I did meet other people they either wanted to sell me things or kill me.

Not exactly encouraging. Even having grown up in a capitalist society.

So I don’t want to go to the village, which is why I’m literally as far way as I can manage, mining things and building a map and doing things that have no relevance whatsoever to getting to the village.

I don’t think it’ll stay this way forever, but I do think it might take me a while to snap out of it. So in the meantime, I’m at least admitting that I’m not making progress toward my goal because I’m afraid my goal will try to murder me. And I think that’s a step in the right (mental) direction.

Day 657: I know where I am now

Day 657:

I finally decided to just camp in a relatively secure spot in the mine I’m digging last night and got some sleep. I turned around this morning and there was the route out of the cave. Sleeplessness does strange things to the brain, I would swear those markers weren’t there yesterday.

Anyway, home safe and making myself a new pair of boots because the old pair fell apart when a skeleton shot me in the foot. My foot’s fine, the boots not so much.

Day 656: I have no idea where the heck I am

Day 656:

I’ve dug such a deep and meandering pit I have no idea how to get out of here.

Fortunately I have a good bag of supplies with me and a solid pickaxe.

Unfortunately, I have no idea if I’ll come up under water or under something breathable.

But that’s the risk, right? If I had mapped this mess I wouldn’t have this problem.

On the other hand, I’d have a map so big I’d needed horses to follow me carrying it.