Day 266: More deep holes

Day 266:

I thought I was digging out the last of the granite in a hole, but it turned out I was digging into the top of another cavern.

I thought about climbing down to get the ore that was inside, but then I was jumped by two zombies that tried to shove me down into the cavern (not a safe way to climb), and I changed my mind.

I threw them into the cavern and decided the ore down there could wait.

Then I dug out the rest of the floor/ceiling of granite so they couldn’t climb back up. That was a bit sadistic, but it made me feel safer, so I’m not beating myself up over it.

Day 265: Old enemies return

Day 265:

I’ve been marching up and down the stairs past a horror squid now for hours, and it hasn’t touched me. I don’t know why. Maybe it was stuck? Anyway, it disappeared near the end of the day and I’m not asking where it went.

Before the squid, an exploding giraffe-corgi took out a different stairwell, so that was some time lost to rebuilding. The alternative, of course, was being caught in a pit until I starved to death. Admittedly, the fact that duckens keep falling in here and dying might have made that take that take longer than it would otherwise, but I’d still rather not try it.

Day 264: Nothing to report

Day 264:

Digging up ore, cleaning up ducken corpses, didn’t even see any zombies today. It’s quiet and I’ll take it. Gives me time to think about rail lines.

Day 263: Duckens everywhere

Day 263:

So as I probably mentioned, the path I dug from the cave to the west to my main cave dug right into a wall.

Did I mention it was into a room full of duckens?

They keep falling into the cavern that I’m mining, then killing themselves on the sharp rock. It’s sad, frustrating, and messy. On the other hand, I don’t have to kill them with my own bare hands to get some fresh meat.

If you’d’ve asked me a year ago whether I could kill an animal with my bare hands I would’ve laughed and said no. Now it’s a regular reality and I’m grateful when animals off themselves through sheer stupidity.

And when it comes to sheer stupidity, the duckens are pretty close to the top of the ranking.

Day 262: Blocked lakes and what’s below

Day 262:

I used the glass blocks I made with the extra sand a few days ago to block up the source of the lava.

Below I found a giant cache of all kinds of different kinds of ore in a relatively large cavern.

So you know what I’m doing. I’m digging it all out.

And it must go somewhere because the zombies are thick as thieves down there.