Day 452: cleaning up my messes

Day 452:

Today’s been a day of seeing where I left off on things… particularly on things like “did I ever smoke that fish?” and “Where does this passage go?” and “Why didn’t I build more doors?!”

In other words, I discovered that past me has left things a mess at this end of the caverns in attempt to get wool socks and now that I need diamonds to get the wool socks I’m giving myself a  stern talking-to.

Lots of lifting stone into place for floors and ceilings leads to painful backs and  strained necks. I’ve tried making my armor a little more supportive but so far my choices seem to be armor that it’s easy to maneuver in or armor that keeps my back from collapsing.

Good to see nothing has changed over thousands of years… well, except for the mag belts and inertial dampeners I don’t have access to anymore.

Day 451: Obsidian and slimes

Day 451:

I’m killing gelatinous cubes every time I have to pass between where I’m mining the obsidian and where I store it.

I’m starting to wonder if there’s a way to get the cubes to pick up the obsidian dust and shards… maybe lure them over my work area? but then everything would be slimy there instead.

I have noticed if too much of their glop piles up it gets kind of springy. I wonder if I can find some kind of use for it other than making everything i own gross.

Erasers would be nice. Although that would mean creating pencils.

Day 450: Obsidian!

Day 450:

I found a huge cache of obsidian, an extremely solid rock that’s essentially a giant blob of lava glass.

It’s hard as hell to mine and I have to be really careful not to cut myself on the everything. Yes, the everything. The dust, the shards, the fragments, the big pieces, the little pieces… I mentioned it was glass, yes?

I also have to cover myself head to toe (which let’s face it i pretty much already was) to not breathe in the obsidian or cut myself on it.

It makes for hot sweaty work.

Fortunately, there’s a waterfall in the area (which explains how the obsidian got here, because there’s also a lava pool) and I can rinse off, or rinse the area I’m working in, frequently enough to not die. Well, so far anyway.

I hope they find me soon enough that they can grow me new lungs.

Day 449: more slimes

Day 449:

So it turns out that, while, giant lime-colored gelatinous cubes over a certain size can’t actually get down stairwells under a certain size, they can jump up and down on them in an attempt to kill you by bouncing on your head.

This also makes them difficult to kill because as you slice them apart, they become smaller murderous desserts that are now biting you on the ankles.

So it’s been a long day, and I’m definitely heading for a bath. Then I’m going to spend the rest of the time rinsing my sword and then covering everything I own in rendered chicken fat so that the acidy stuff in the gelatin monsters stop pocking my metals.

Day 448: doors

Day 448:

The trees here are often so tall and wide that I can saw boards quickly and cleanly and end up with solid wood doors that need very little reinforcement.

It’s good, because, well, good doors in this place mean the difference between being able to sleep soundly and being spider chow.

I spent the day sawing logs into doors and making wrought iron hinges so that I can continue to make things safe around here. I twas cold and rainy but that doesn’t matter much when it comes to sawing wood, because I have plenty of chambers where if I get sawdust all over the place nothing’s hurt.

Making hand saws has gotten easier as my tools have progressed, but it’s still a good day’s worth of work.

The rain let up this afternoon so I took a little while to fish. Didn’t catch anything notable but also didn’t get sunburnt and it was a nice way to relax.