Day 599: The llamas are back!

Day 599:

The llamas are back! And this time they were accompanied by a man – humanoid at least. He was holding their leashes. (Are they called leashes when they’re on llamas?) The llama man turned out to have a limited vocabulary of mostly “Huh?” and “Ahhh” but between his hand gestures and mine I figured out he was some sort of trader. He wouldn’t come inside, but he was willing to trade some of my emeralds for what appears to be dye — black and hot pink!

I can make colorful socks, folks! This is amazing!

Of course, now it means that I have to cut the wool off the sheep again to dye it…

Anyway, that wasn’t the only amazing thing. As dark was falling I tried to invite the trader in again, to keep him safe, and he shook his head no. He pulled out a bottle from his cloak and drank it… and disappeared.

I kid you not.

Freakin’ disappeared, invisible except for the llama leashes.

So it was him! Or someone like him! Who visited me the last time!

If there was ever a day that made me think the falling cow gave me a concussion it was this one.

Day 598: moooooooo

Day 598:

Remember when I said I was trying to “landscape” that one large hill to the south so I could get some better visibility and not get cornered against an unclimbable cliff face?

And remember how I said there was a cow up there and the last thing I needed was a cow falling on my head?

Cow fell on my head.

Just clipped me, but ow. Not a good plan. No more falling cows.

I hear a sheep baaing up there….

Day 597: it’s all chicken hides

Day 597:

There are chicken hides on every surface of this cavern, which is hot and stinky because I’m also melting down some sand, and to be honest I’d rather be sleeping outside underneath the stars, but I’m kind of fond of my own skin.

There’s still one lone murderer, the one I spared the last time I saw them, wandering around in the mountains to the south. I see him occasionally when I go out to gather firewood. He doesn’t appear to want anything to do with me now… probably because I killed his five associates.

(That would turn me off too.)

I’d offer a hand of friendship but they did try to murder me first, so I’m not much inclined to.

It’s a little easier to understand how people have gone to war so many times over the millennia when some stranger is trying to shoot you with a crossbow and you don’t even know why.

Day 596: pumpkins!

Day 596: My pumpkins came up! Lots of them this time!

I also culled some of the duckens in the yard because, believe it or not, I was having trouble locating my sheep. That’s usually a good indication of too many duckens.

So I have enough feathers and skins now to make another mattress if I want to… and considering how far away my furthest passage is, that might be a good idea. Going to spend tomorrow tanning chicken hides with chicken brains.

Day 595: not according to plan

Day 595:

I got all the rail and the powered rail installed so I could get back to my home easily…. and I turned my back for one moment and a random ducken jumped into my minecart and rolled away with it.

So I had to walk home anyway.

I have no idea if this is a monday but boy does it sound like it.