Day 538: Fiery and wet

Day 538:

So this morning I came out the door to discover three zombies and a skeleton were waiting for me under the cover of the nearby trees.

I’m not saying that a closed circuit camera system would have saved me, but it would’ve been nice.

Anyway, they jumped me, but I escaped into the sunlight, where they caught fire and jumped me again, so I jumped in the river, and they jumped in, and I climbed out and chopped them to pieces from the shore.

It was messy.

And we don’t have a whole lot of scavenger fish in this river, or they haven’t developed a taste for zombie flesh or skeleton bones. I mean, not that I can blame them for avoiding eating the undead for lunch, but on the other hand, free meat.

It wouldn’t have stopped the carp where I grew up.

Anyway, when I was done battling the undead hordes I spent the day landscaping around that lake to make it more obvious so I don’t dig into its side again.

Gardening: the perfect companion to zombie fighting.

Day 537: more sand and a lake

Day 537:

I thought it was a bit odd when I found some sand on the shore up higher than usual, but I thought perhaps sometime in the far past there’d been a tidal wave or something similar that deposited the sand higher up.

Nope, I was digging into the side of a small lake.

So I’m very wet and I have a lot more sand, and now I get to decide whether to make the underground lake a visibly overground lake instead.

Kind of leaning toward that as it’s easier to track than accidentally digging into the same lake over and over.

It’s the little things that make life easier, after all.

On the plus side, there’s one more place for me to run when being chased by a flaming zombie.

Day 536: New clothes, new ore

Day 536: Dressed in my new itchy ducken skin tunic, I spent the day trying to work around the edge of a cliff so that I could safely walk around it to get to some sand on the other side. But in clearing some of the cliffside, I found more ore.

So you know what I spent the rest of the day doing: mining.

Even when I’m at the surface looking for sand I end up hauling coal and granite back to my home. Which would be fantastic if someone was paying me for it, but really doesn’t do much except feed my ore addiction here.

Well, at least I got in a good workout.

Day 535: closing up the cave

Day 535:

I got the giant sinkhole cave in the river area closed off so there’s no more sea cave to see there.

There was a zombie to see, and I almost didn’t, and that’s how he set my shirt on fire.

So I’ll be making a new ducken skin tunic this evening, while soaking sore muscles in a hot bath. It’s not exactly glamorous, but nobody let me sew in the tub at The Company, so that’s a thing.

Storm of Locusts by Rebecca Roanhorse

I have been in an absolute funk today. Sometimes the brain weasels come and they don’t stop chewing, you know?

Rebecca Roanhorse’s latest book, Storm of Locusts, has been helping me out of the funk. The protagonist is Maggie Hoskins, a monsterslayer with Clan powers who lives in a post-apocalyptic United States in Dinétah, the Navajo nation that survived the Big Water. Having recently “killed” two gods, she has enough trouble to deal with in her life… but then she ends up unwitting caretaker of a teenager with Clan powers, half-friends half-enemies with a once ally, and crossing the Wall into the remains of Arizona to find the man she fell in love with in Trail of Lightning.

No matter how much I hate doing laundry and no matter how stressed I am about my job, nobody’s asking me to figure out how a lightning god’s sword works, or attacking me with locusts.

Oh, yeah, by the way? Total fuckton of locusts in this book. Me? I have no problem with creepy crawlies in books because my brain just kind of slides over them like “oh yeah horrible thing happens here, we’re not going to dwell on that…” but if(when) they make this series into a movie this is going to be nightmare city for some people.

Including me. Because my brain can’t slide past creepy crawlies in movies.

Anyway, just like in the first book of the series, this one is chock full of Navajo gods, Navajo culture, kick-ass women kicking ass with swords, guns, knives, etc., one seriously fucking creepy bad guy, and magic.

Plus bugs. We are not screwing around about the bugs here, people.

Definite must read, looking forward to the next one, hoping it’s slightly more bug-free.