Day 318: water filters?

Day 318:

After thinking way too much about the reanimated material in my water supply overnight and into the day, I think I’m going to have to experiment with my own waster filters.

I mean, yeah, as far as I know, I don’t have a ten-foot tapeworm, but since I’m not sure how to tell, I’m just going to assume I’ve probably got parasites by now.

(Then again, as previously mentioned, there don’t seem to be bugs here and things don’t seem to rot. It’s like we totally skipped those sections of the taxonomic tree. Somehow we got mushrooms the size of small apartment complexes, but no bugs. So maybe no parasites? One can only hope… and wonder how one’s own gut bacteria are doing.)

(Oh heck I bet every time I go to the bathroom I’m exposing this environment to gut bacteria, which means if there really weren’t any bacteria before I’ve just colonized the whole planet. Whee! That’s worth jail time.)

Anyway, I have pitchers I made out of clay and I have charcoal so conceivably I can figure out how to make a charcoal filter…. but I’m not sure how since I don’t have any woven cloth or cheesecloth or anything like that to use as filter material.

Also I don’t actually know how they work.

Also charcoal doesn’t taste very good and I don’t want it in my water.

I miss vending machines.

Day 317: greenish water

Day 317:

I really should go topside soon and see what’s up there. See, I dug through the ceiling (again) and flooded the cave I was in…. but the water wasn’t the nice clear blue color of the bay area. It was kind of a brackish green with icky bits floating in it.

I can’t tell if I’m under some kind of swamp or if someone threw some zombies into a blender.

And now it occurs to me that I’m probably drinking zombie bits in my drinking water and now I am totally squicked out. So it’s bedtime.

Day 316: moving forward

Day 316:

I’m still digging toward the sheep. That’s progress moving forward.

I’ve given myself a bit of a challenge though because apparently I was digging below this area before, and so I’m trying to build in space that’s been structurally compromised.

By “structurally compromised” I mean “one wrong move and I fall down a hole”.

Being the klutz I am, I’ve already fallen a couple of times, but nothing too serious. Still, that headache I got from the explosions the other day hasn’t quite faded, so I’m taking it slow and trying hard to pay attention to what I’m doing.

So yeah, by the time I get back to my cave, I’m exhausted. I figure I have about five minutes when I’m done writing this sentence until I fall asleep.

Day 315: a bay of one’s own

Day 315:

I have a room that’s half stone ceiling and half glass ceiling.

Half the walls are stone and half the walls are glass.

I can look right out into the bay and see the fish swimming up to the glass.

They are confused. I am delighted.

I finished the room around mid afternoon and then just sat on the floor and watched the fish until it was too dark out to see them in the water and all I could see was my own reflection in the glass.

(I look pretty bad, by the way. Skinny, bruised, and my hair needs some serious help. I might have to reinvent scissors.)

The fish are beautiful. The bay is beautiful. This room is a delight.

I might need to build myself a chair or a bench or something just so I can sit here and relax.

Day 314: boom repair

Day 314:

Still fighting a really bad headache, which really does make me think I’m still recovering from a concussion from that incident a few weeks ago or whenever it was. I’m too tired to go look it up.

Anyway, I repaired all the things the giraffe-corgi blew up yesterday and put in some sturdier walls downstairs so the jerks can’t get in to where I’m working to begin with. Tomorrow it’s back to making the chamber bigger.