Day 263: Duckens everywhere

Day 263:

So as I probably mentioned, the path I dug from the cave to the west to my main cave dug right into a wall.

Did I mention it was into a room full of duckens?

They keep falling into the cavern that I’m mining, then killing themselves on the sharp rock. It’s sad, frustrating, and messy. On the other hand, I don’t have to kill them with my own bare hands to get some fresh meat.

If you’d’ve asked me a year ago whether I could kill an animal with my bare hands I would’ve laughed and said no. Now it’s a regular reality and I’m grateful when animals off themselves through sheer stupidity.

And when it comes to sheer stupidity, the duckens are pretty close to the top of the ranking.

Day 262: Blocked lakes and what’s below

Day 262:

I used the glass blocks I made with the extra sand a few days ago to block up the source of the lava.

Below I found a giant cache of all kinds of different kinds of ore in a relatively large cavern.

So you know what I’m doing. I’m digging it all out.

And it must go somewhere because the zombies are thick as thieves down there.

Day 261: I’m betting it’s a Tuesday

Day 261:

Blithely building out this tunnel’s structure so it doesn’t collapse on me (see previous rant on not being crushed by simultaneous pressure from two bodies of water) when I almost fell into a lava chamber below the floor of where I was digging.

So I said flock this and went back to bed.

I can deal with lava lakes tomorrow.

Day 260, sort of continue

Day 260:

Had a short nap but couldn’t sleep well, so I went back out to the mine with fresh supplies.

This time I managed to make it all the way back out to one of my existing chambers, so I now have a “safe” passageway from the far western cave to my home.

“Safe” in this case means I still got jumped by a surprise zombie because there are apparently branches to the cave and I have malicious neighbors.

And it’s good that I accomplished that feat, because when I broke through, it was the middle of the night. Had I tried to go an overland route home I would have been mauled for sure.

The caves are both further away than I expected and not as far, both deeper than I expected but not as deep (much fewer caverns so far).

So that’s a thing to go back out and reshape tomorrow and moving forward, so it’s a proper safe and established tunnel with walls and a solid floor. And fewer zombies.

259: A day and a night

Day 259:

I woke up in the morning to find the house surrounded by exploding giraffe-corgis, so that was exciting. I still don’t understand why they target me but leave my cows, pigs, and duckens alone.

Went out to the mining site all the more determined to dig a safe way out that direction. Didn’t see any more sheep but did take out a few more giraffe-corgis. I don’t know why they swarm, and I’m no biologist; I’m not going to pretend I can reach a point where I understand their behavior.

I dug the rest of the day. In fact, I dug for so long that when I came back out of the mine, the sun was coming up.

So I guess technically this post is for all of Day 259 and a smidge of Day 260.

But I’m tired now so I’m going to go get some sleep and then see what the rest of Day 260 brings.