Day 229: dammit, out of sand again

Day 229:

I’m out of sand again, which means I’m almost out of glass again, which means it’s harder to see what’s ahead and above and below.

(I use glass panels to put skylights in so that I get some actual sunlight… but the best way to do that is to put them into every level so the sunlight still penetrates the lowest levels… but that means a lot of glass.)

(Also in this whacko place glass blocks both water and lava very effectively, so I use it to prevent floods of both types.)

So it looks like I’m spending a few days topside trying to figure out where to find good sand, then spending a few more days soaked while I harvest the sand, then spending a few more days trying to dry out in my cave while the furnaces roar.

Guess I’d better make sure my fishing line is untangled.

Day 228: climbing up some more

Day 228:

I added a staircase to the chamber I was in and went up a level, since I’m in a chasm anyway, and the ceiling-now-floor was easy to navigate.

Lots of dangerous things about and the chasm ceiling is waaaaaay above me. But that makes it even easier to justify “digging” up, because mostly I’m just adding struts and some solid protection so I can attempt to reach the surface.

I mean, sure, I could just build a giant staircase up the side of the wall, but I’m really good at falling off staircases, and monsters are really good at falling on me, so that’s not really a good answer.

Anyway, digging up, heading for the mountains. More to come.

Day 227: That was close

Day 227:

I broke through a wall of stone earlier, to discover that I was standing in one of the chasms that I’d uncovered earlier. That was good.

The exploding giraffe-corgi that climbed down the wall to attack me was not so good.

But this new bow I have, which glows weird and which I got off a dead skeleton, seems to be pretty powerful. I shot the giraffe corgi and he flew backwards about eight meters. It was like the punch from a superhero!

And then of course it exploded, but at least for a change it took out some wall and floor instead of me.

It’s been a good day.

Day 226: Digging Up

Day 226:

I’ve dug so far to the east that I’m pretty sure I should be under one of the big mountains. So now it’s time to dig up. Fortunately, some of the digging I did for ores already exposed open gaps or chasms for me to just build into and add steps so I can climb.

Unfortunately, that means hauling a lot of stone up and down steps.

So I’m hauling wood out to the far eastern end of my exploration zone. That way, I can build some chests in the middle of nowhere, and that will make it easier to clean up my work area and save the more valuable rocks.

I look a little silly hauling logs and planks through my cave though. Plus it disturbs the duckens.

Day 225: More rock rats

Day 225:

I am beginning to notice that the harder it is to dig out a piece of stone in my current area, the better the chance that there will be some kind of small stone monster (I’ve taken to calling them “rock rats”) within the stone waiting to chew on my legs.

One of them doesn’t seem to be an issue. But many of them can be a bit overwhelming. That’d be fine if i could face them one at a time, but if one of them sends up a distress hiss (they kind of choke-hiss) then any other nearby ones will break out of their rocks too.

Normally I wouldn’t even dig straight stone, but sometimes the only civilized thing to do is set down a floor and some walls and — especially in this place, a ceiling to keep the giraffe-corgis from falling on one’s head, and some doors to keep the zombies out.

It’s worth noting that nobody trained me on what to do with exploding monsters or homicidal zombies when I was trained in mining logs. I’m really going above and beyond here in multiple respects.

Gahd I’m tired. Maybe the rock rats poisoned me. Or maybe I’ve just been digging too long. Either way I’m going back to the nearest chamber I put a bed in (if I can find it on my map) and going back to sleep.1