Day 250: More pig

Day 250:

Turns out the pig and I both fit in the bed, and it’s quite warm. OK pig, you can stay for now.

But I’m not naming you.

Meanwhile, the water in the bay-ish are to my north seems to be clearer than usual, which means I’m getting sand and clay out I’d never been able to see before. It still doesn’t explain why some of the sand and clay has started to float, but the floating part does sort of help harvesting it easier, so I’m not sure this is a complaint so much as confusion on why things change.

The pig is currently rooting around in my chambers. I gave it a potato and it ate that, so it doesn’t seem to be hungry, just curious. It’s a bit like having a dog, only without the zoomies and the barking.

Day 249: Pig in my bed

Day 249:

Went out and did some farming today, because bringing in crops is usually a good idea if one wants to eat something other than just straight fish.

I’m still a bit tired of ducken and fish. I don’t eat much beef because the cows aren’t particularly easy to process. I’m looking forward to some pork, but since the first pig I did disappeared under mysterious circumstances, I don’t want to necessarily eat the pigs until there’s enough of them that I won’t have to worry if a few disappear.

Unfortunately, one of the pigs got into my cave today. So now there’s a sizable pig sleeping on my bed.

That’s not exactly useful. I’d like to sleep on my bed, but this pig is slightly smaller and slightly heavier than me. I don’t want to kill it but I don’t know how to get it off my bed. I offered it a potato and it totally ignored me.

I’ve been here somewhere over seven months and every day or so I think to myself that things couldn’t get any weirder, but this world does like to prove me wrong.

Day 248: Seriously, I need a geologist down here

Day 248:

I’ve found a patch where, when I dig up the sand, some of it floats to the surface.

As sand is generally tiny piles of rocks, that really shouldn’t be possible. If it was, like, pumice, I could see it, but this appears to be something quartz-y.

I miss the geologists I used to work with at The Company. Not because I think they’d have an answer, mind you. More because at least we’d be confused together.

Day 247: and off track again

Day 247: Found a huge deposit of clay.

Can I make rails out of clay do you suppose? Or is it too brittle? Or maybe wheels of brick? They’d also be brittle and hard to reshape… but cheap and easy to make.

Things I think about while dragging a sack of wet clay across the countryside.

Day 246: external motivators

Day 246:

The farther you have to carry large bags of heavy wet sand, the more finding horses and making some carts comes back into focus as the goal.