Day 199: Ducken report

Day 199:

By a very rough count (because they keep moving) I have at minimum 100 duckens in the yard and probably another hundred or more in the caverns below my dwelling.

They’re weird. I can’t figure out their flocking pattern. At one point I had about 40 in one cavern and they  refused to move from that spot. Then I dug into the cavern next door and they all scattered throughout the caves.  Now, no matter how many duckens I move into that cavern they refuse to stay in it.

If I could figure out what determines where they’ll stay, it would be easier to feed and care for them.

Then again, they seem to live for an extremely long time, so maybe I don’t need to worry about it.

Day 198: ow

Day 198:

Camouflaged giraffe-corgi snuck up behind me and exploded, blew my boots off. I wish that was a metaphor. Feet are pretty torn up and I barely have the energy to type this. Don’t know how much blood I lost. I’m glad I keep a store of food near my bed though because I suspect I won’t be getting up for a few days.

Day 197: Okay then

Day 197:

Woke up, watched a flock of duckens run backwards across the yard, went back to bed. Whatever today has in store for me, I am not interested.

Day 195: so much digging

Day 195:

Okay, I’ve gotten obsessed with ore.

I need to admit that, because if I don’t admit that I don’t need all this. Yes, it would make me a kajillionaire if I wasn’t on this rock. But I am on this rock, and I think maybe it’s time to start heading toward the big mountain again. Otherwise I’ll never get out of here.