Day 128: More zombies, more armor

Day 128: The East Entrance is mostly underground, which means it is one of the last places on this spot on the plains that’s in the shade for most of the day. That means the monsters who catch fire in the sun like to hover in my doorway and jump me as soon as I go out.

Now I get into debates like “do I dig out enough space to put windows or will that just result in more zombies fitting on the doorstep?”

These are not the problems I thought I’d be having at this age. I thought I’d be debating which wonderful person I’d be marrying and having babies with, not how many homicidal maniacs I wanted standing around at the crack of dawn.

watercolor of two zombies as viewed through the windows of a set of double doors. The zombie on the left is wearing the standard outfit and the zombie on the right gold chest armor.
They could at least bring me some food or something if they’re going to block the door.