Day 674: Small forest fire

Day 674:

Sure enough, some of the trees (and the road) had caught fire by morning. I put them out and lined the whole thing with brick and put an end to that nonsense.

But it made me aware of exactly how dangerous these outer areas I haven’t explored are… and in new ways all the time. So I’m going to clean them up and figure out what I’m up against here.

Hopefully I’m up against a lot of sand, actually. I could use some.

Day 673: MORE FIRE

Day 673:

Today I learned that while surrounding lava with glass will keep it contained, it can still set a wooden road on fire.

I also learned that if a local merchant and two llamas are nearby, they will stand around and watch the road burn.

Neither of these things please me, but at least I know where I stand with the locals. (A few feet away, also watching the road burn, in this case.)

So I’m going to spend tomorrow rebuilding the hopefully not-on-fire road in the hopefully-not-on-fire woods, only this time, with brick.

Nursery rhymes have to pay off sometime, and we’re going three little pigs on this one.

Day 672: FIRE

Day 672:

Local idiot builds wooden road next to open lava pit, is shocked at the result.

Maybe i need to figure out how to make breathing masks.

Day 671: snore

Day 671:

I fell asleep with my dinner in my hand once already tonight so this is going to be short.

Lots of fording rivers to build bridges made of log over them. They’re much simpler bridges than I’ve built in the past but I’m not planning for them to be permanent, I’m just tired of swimming so much.

No horses today, couple of sheep. lots of exploding giraffe corgis. I shot them before they exploded. Need to make more arrows soon. I thought the supply I put in during the last rain day would last a long time but I didn’t plan for doing so much overland exploring then.

Tired. sleep now.

Day 670: Horses!

Day 670:

I’m up high in a hill that I didn’t know was so nearby, and I saw horses today! It’s the first time I’ve seen any since I first “arrived”, and to be honest I’m kind of relieved because so much of my first posts seem like a dream now.

For that matter, so does most of my old life, now.

Anyway, I’ve found even more sand and even more horses… and a lot of monsters trying to kill me from around the trees, which, well, monsters gotta monster, I guess.

I’ve gotten really good at cutting my logs to similar lengths and flatness so that they sit well and make solid roads. The fact that there are some pretty sizable flat areas is helpful. I’m tired of digging in the dirt though. A backhoe would be nice about now.