Day 207: still glassing up the lava river

Day 207:

Well more than half of the lava river is walled in and I should be able to get around it to reach the gold ore I can see sticking out of the wall behind it.

I should, but there’s a waterfall in the way.

See, I knocked a piece of rock out of the ceiling so that I could put down a piece of glass and lo and behold there was a waterfall behind it.

I couldn’t hear the waterfall over the loud popping sounds the lava makes when it spits (though I have to admit those are getting softer as I wall it in).

So now I have to finish walling in the lava *and then* wall in the waterfall so that I can get the gold.

Wish gold was useful or something here. I feel like an alternating-hot-sweaty-stinky-cold-shivering-wrinkly fool down in that pit.