Day 279:

I went out late last night to gather eggs from the duckens and there were these… birds? raptors? pterodons?

Something big, and blue, and it flies in flocks.

Also it likes to attack my head.

Whatever they are, they scream like hawks and they tear at your head like owls and personally, I was quite happy with my bird-free existence up to this point. I mean sure, some songbirds would be nice, but if this is my option? I’d opt out.

And of course they didn’t do anything at all to the native fauna – didn’t attack my animals, didn’t fly off with any of the duckens… they were just here for me.

Anyway, they’re dead now. I killed a number of them and the rest caught fire and plummeted to their death when the sun came out. (That’s still baffling, but I’ll go with it.)

My head was bleeding despite my helmet, so it’s time to work on fixing that up a bit.

And I’m thinking I’d rather deal with the zombies and the skeletons and the horror squids, so I’m going back underground as soon as I can.