Day 482: pouring rails

Day 482:

I’ve very precisely dug two trenches in the front yard that are exactly the dimensions that I want to use for my rails. (They are also not-coincidentally the size of the planks I’ve been making doors out of. Because I’ve gotten pretty consistent with the door work and this way if something happens to my trenches I can remake them with my plank templates.)

I’m building a forge out there so I don’t have to try to walk from the current forge’s location outside and down a hill carrying molten iron. Also, if I build it closely enough I can just tilt the forge’s bucket and pour, and that would be somewhat  safer. Somewhat. Just a little.

The forge is actually the part taking the longest, since the soil here is sandy clay and thus actually was relatively easy to mould. But the forge I really don’t want to screw up. I don’t want to risk an explosion with the volume and temperatures I’m talking about.