Day 602: just digging, and contemplating

Day 602:

Digging is my top priority today so I dug and dug and dug… and got attacked by zombies and skeletons and rock rats and exploding giraffe corgis.

If there was some way to tame the exploding giraffe corgis and make them explode on command, this would be done a lot faster.

The skeletons are actually pretty handy because most of the time I can salvage arrows from them that are better than the ones I make myself… and to be honest it feels somewhat fitting to kill them with their own weapons.

The zombies have no purpose except to annoy me.

Oh, well, actually, they’re also really good at telling me that there’s a cavern in a particular direction, because they’re already in the cavern somehow yelling their fool heads off.

And the rock rats are great at biting shoelaces apart and damaging boots. But they also have sharp quill-like spines… and I’m trying to figure out if that could come in handy.

Because those quills look a lot like carding tines…