Day 643: birds and more birds

Day 643:

The only true bird I’ve seen here has been the ducken. (The nightmarish flying things that attack at night appear to have membranes for wings and no feathers.)

The place where I’m digging and clearing right now has so many duckens that they sleep on me at night. And I don’t mean like one or two curl up behind my knees like a dog. I mean I’m at the bottom of a pile of ducken. Thank the stars that they don’t poop on everything.

They are hot and they don’t settle very well so I’m constantly sweating and being stepped on and getting nudged and quacked at all night. It doesn’t make for the best sleeping arrangements. I’ve tried blocking them from the chamber but they’re getting in anyway somehow. I need to look for holes tomorrow, when I’m done clearing this area. (If I’m done tomorrow.)