Day 107: What I would give for some music

Day 107

On the ship, we carried radios powerful enough to stream music from anywhere on board, and they were tiny little things you could clip to your collar. They didn’t play in your ears, but instead used wireless communication to vibrate a chip embedded just above your jawbone.

Everyone has one of these chips. They’re the primary way of communicating between people now. Grandma said when she was a kid they still had to carry devices, and when her grandfather was a kid they called the devices “phones”, though they were primitive at best and only could handle a few thousand apps and streams.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always had some kind of sound running through my chip. Sometimes it was sports or some kind of talk-based show, but most of it was music.

I’d give anything for some music right now.

I’ve started to sing in the caverns. They always say your voice sounds better in a chamber of echoes, and maybe it does.

The bats are singing along.

It’s sure bringing all the zombies to the yard.

line sketch of the profile of a woman with a chip implanted just behind her earlobe on the left side of her head.
I can feel mine under the skin with my fingers.

Day 106: Bats

Day 106:

I feel like the digging will never end.

Add one to the xenobiology list: we appear to have something resembling bats. Mammalian-like as far as I can tell (not getting that close), hang upside-down from the roofs of caves.

One big difference: these are not using ultrasonic frequencies. I can hear them just fine. And they squeak incessantly. Like flying rats at a rat political convention discussing rat business.

A line drawing of a bat hanging from the ceiling.
They’re not bothering me, other than the noise, so I’m not bothering them.

Day 105: Not-as-new territory

Day 105:

Spent the day chasing a seam of granite through the depths of my caverns. I thought I’d gone as deep as I’d ever gone before… then I broke through a wall into a cavern where apparently I had already left a torch.

Either that or the zombies have suddenly decided to start playing with fire because hey, did I mention cavern full of zombies?

I’m getting better at killing them efficiently, but still makes the heart race a bit.

Also, they wrecked my shoes and most of my pants so I have to make more.

Stupid zombies.

PS there was also a ducken in the cavern.

Line sketch of a ducken and a torch at the opening of a cavern, with the author's feet and legs in view. Pants are ripped off at the knee and the shoes lack both toes and heels.
Gotta make me some new pants.

Day 104: Fishing and rest

Day 104:

Did some sand “mining” for a bit this morning, then went fishing the rest of the day. Pulled up a glass bottle full of liquid. I know you’re thinking “of course it’s full of liquid, you found it while fishing,” but the thing is that there was a stopper in the top of the bottle (cork maybe? Could there be cork here somewhere?) and the liquid in the bottle was a bright cerulean blue, unlike the darker blues of the river and lake nearby. (And ocean, I tend to forget to mention the ocean.)

I have set it on a shelf and I am hoping it doesn’t explode. I have no intention of opening it.

Well, not right now anyway.

An arm (bent unnaturally) holding a small bright blue bottle of liquid. In the background, the grass, the sea, and the sky.
something seriously wrong with my ability to drawn hands.