Spider-Man backglass as described in the post.

Spider-Man, Stern, 2007.

Spider-man as a movie has been rebooted so many times even Marvel can’t keep track of the retcons. I’m pretty sure this one is referring to the Tobey Maguire one from 2002, and possible some of its sequels.

Spider-man in his trademark blue and red suite is dead center of this backglass, mid-swing between two buildings that are both out of view. Behind him a bunch of other characters from the movie(s)  — Green Goblin, Sandman, Venom, Doc Oc, and a few I don’t recognize, are all in a darker palette. There are some explosions behind them, and behind the explosions is a cityscape.

Less boring than the Iron Man backglass, for sure, but Hollywood just isn’t great at this whole “interesting image” thing.

Iron Man

Photo of the Iron Man backglass and topper as described in the post

Iron Man, Stern, 2010. A minimalist period in backglasses, because the only thing here is a picture of Iron Man in front and Monger (the other iron man suit) behind him, almost but not quite back to back. Oh and a topper on the back box that looks like Iron Man’s power supply doohickey.

Avengers Infinity Quest

The Avengers Infinity Quest (Premium), Stern, 2020.

Typical modern Stern, in that the art is clearly Marvel and a little boring. Thanos sits in the center with his right hand on a pile of skulls and his left hand In the glove which is on fire. To his left and right are ¾ profile head shots of other characters in the movie/game.

As described in the post, a photo of the backglass for avengers infinity quest