Title Fight

The backglass to Title Fight as described in the post

Title Fight, 1990, a goddamned Gottlieb.

The majority of this backglass is occupied by a bald white boxer with a mustache on the left, and a brown-haired white boxer on the right. They have gloves up to box and there is a point where in the middle of the game you hit the two flipper buttons simultaneously to cause one to punch the other. They look much like paper dolls swinging at each other with hinged shoulders and elbows when they box.

The area around them is all decorated to look like a Greek temple, or possibly the Caesar’s Palace casino. Marble columns separate the boxers from the scantily clad stone women draped on the columns, and the scoreboard is designed to look like carved stone.

At the very top, two large boxing-gloved hands surround the words Title Fight, which is styled like a prize belt, with a world champion metal in the center.

The bulk of the work on this one went into the animatronics and the movement is a unique (and nice) touch to draw folks to the machine.