Photo of the Cyclone backglass as described in the post

Cyclone, Williams, 1988.

Remember Comet? This is the sequel, which means more weirdness. Now the backboard includes not only the scoreboard but also a spinning Mystery Wheel that spins to show you what you’ve won for the mystery shot, and a “test your strength”-like display on the far left for the current value of the jackpot.

Oh, and another rollercoaster of imminent death, this time with caricatures of Ronald and Nancy Reagan in the front seats. She’s wearing a “say no to drugs” tee and he’s wearing a suit. There’s a bunch of others on the rollercoaster including a punk and a couple of kids. And the rollercoaster has a murderous face. And it’s spiraling out of the word Comet through some loops in the fireworks and up to the front.

And a creepy clown with a large duck or small goose standing on his foot. Because why not.