Day 24: Terror

Day 24:

Another horror squid got in the house.

I watched it walk through the wall.

It was there, and then it wasn’t, and a strange purple mist followed where it went.

It smells roughly of shoe leather and vomit, by the way. The corrosive acidic stuff that makes you wish you’d never eaten the night before. The kind that three hours later when you blow your nose reminds you why it is that you don’t try to digest things in your delicate nasal passages.

It stood in the corner near the stone I’m collecting for the company, belching that deep belching noise that shakes my lower ribs when it vibrates through the floor. It was…

I swear I haven’t gone off the bend even if I did say that I saw a monster squid that smelled like vomiting a shoe store after a bender walk through the wall of my basement.

It was coveting the stone. The granite, specifically.

For some reason, it can walk through the walls but it can’t open the wooden chests I’ve been carving out of the oak by the shore. It stood next to the chest full of granite and I could see the hunger in its face.

And when it realized that I had something to do with the chests, it turned on me.

I pulled the iron sword that I’d smelted and shaped with that little bit of ore I’d collected, and I attacked its legs. It got in some good licks and I think I’m just going to sleep tonight and see where I’m at in the morning. My back feels like I’ve taken thirty lashes, and I swear the beast only caught me twice. I managed to take it down, this time before it could knock me out.

When it died, it screamed a horrible cat-in-a-synthesizer-playing-mood-music scream, so horrible that it frightened the chickens, and then it burst into a pile of purple snow, and melted away.

Three days. I can make it three days.

I fed the animals before I locked up for the night, gave them enough to eat to hold them for a few days if need be. Not sure what I’ll feel like tomorrow but it won’t be good.

That’s when I discovered something’s been killing my cows.

I’m too tired, to bone-tired and exhausted and sad and wrecked to figure out what happened. I’m keeping the meat, though this wasn’t the way I wanted to have myself a steak. And now I’m going to bed and sleeping until I can’t sleep anymore.

Sketch. A room, white floor and walls. A brown box with "granite" written on the side stands in the center of the room. A horror squid, round head, purple eyes, no mouth or nose or ears, plus half its torso, two arm-like tentacles, and a portion of a leg-like tentacle, are extended out from the wall. Where the creature intersects the wall is a purple glow. The creature is reaching for the box.
Nobody wants this.