Day 25: Another exit

Day 25:

Slept in. Ate some fish, then went down into the caves to look for ore.

Discovered that right behind one of the walls I hadn’t tunneled all the way through was a second entrance into my cave area. Or rather, an entrance into a cave area that I didn’t know existed, since I dug all of my cave area out by hand.

(Arms are still sore from yesterday.)

So that might explain how some of the worst fauna is getting close to my living quarters.

It doesn’t explain the horror squid walking through walls though.

Sketch, well, more like a map, as it's an overhead view. The right side is taken up by a lake. The left bottom quadrant shows the cave's main entrance, behind it a fenced-in area for cows and chickens and such, and just below the right edge of the lake an area marked "garden". from the cave, a dotted outline indicates the new cave entrance at the top of the sketch, near the lake.
If I was staying, I’d name the lake.