Day 27: Nothing yet

Day 27:

Spent most of the day planting saplings  to replace the trees that I tore down to survive here. I need to show I’m responsible enough to do my best to cover my tracks. (Since everything grows here in three days or less, even giant massive humungous dark oak trees, that’s not as hard as it sounds.) The Company will be pleased.

I wish they’d get here. Clear skies all day today and no sign of them.

One day to go. I’m packing now, making sure that everything’s set for me to leave. Not that I arrived with much, but at least I can leave with some souvenirs – my axe, my fishing pole, stuff like that.

One day to go.

Watercolor. Depicts a fence at the top of the hill in the background. In the foreground, a small tree with 5 branches is planted in a green field. The fence is sloppy but the artist improved a bit at the tree.
One of the saplings