Day 35: Fried Chicken

Day 35:

I thought I’d take it easy today, since I almost got crushed to death by falling rock yesterday.


I woke up, took a quick dip in the cave’s spring, got redressed, headed outside to pick my carrots, and a camouflage giraffe corgi was just waiting around the corner like some kind of… like some kind of stalker or something. One minute I’m carrying a basket I weaved to load full of carrots, the next I’m flying through the air like a rag doll.

So much for healing those sore muscles.

Even better, when I came to I discovered that the beast had blown a wall through the fence like that kept the chickens and the cows in. By headcount, I think I only lost one of each. The cow it appeared wandered off. Based on the smell, though, that chicken had to have been trying to snuggle the giraffe corgi through the fence when it exploded.

I do not understand exploding fauna.

I seriously do not understand exploding fauna that have to live near other fauna.

Anyway, spent the rest of the day repairing the fence while nursing a sore shoulder.

And I still don’t have the coddamned carrots in, so I now have to do that tomorrow instead of digging toward the mountain.

Black and white sketch. Depicts a hill - the door to the cave is in the side of the hill, the fence is on top of the hill, and a huge hole is in the top of the hill where the fence should be but was blown up. The sketch is so poorly rendered it looks like animals who fell in the hole would land in the cave house, but that's not actually how the geography works. Labels include "fence ruined", "hole", "dead chicken", "cave door" and "this is a horrible sketch"
The hole does not actually puncture the roof of the cave and this totally ignores my cow porch.