Day 39: fears

Day 39:

I dug through the night. After all the problems I’ve had surface-level lately, honestly, it felt good. I think I’ve overdone it a bit though because my right shoulder’s halfway to frozen, and I don’t have a stim kit here to loosen up the muscle if it freezes up.

That means I have to spend the day tomorrow topside doing other things – gathering my crops, checking my animals, etc. etc. Moving my shoulder around, but more gently than swinging a stone pickaxe.

To be honest, I’m not looking forward to it.

I know, I know, humans need sunshine and vitamin D and all that. And the heat of the sun will help my cold and sore muscles, because staying underground all the time isn’t exactly great for me.

But half of what’s outside wants to kill me and I’m not up for that all the time.

Yesterday, when I came up to my rooms to grab some water to drink, one of the camouflage giraffe corgis was standing at my window, just staring in. Just… staring… like the only thing it wanted to do was come inside and blow me to kingdom come.

I guess if there’s one thing I’m lucky about, it’s that they seem to be too dumb to realize they could collapse my cave house, and crush me inside, by blowing up right next to it.

And at least it isn’t the land squid. I heard one of them while I was mining yesterday, stopped mining, and hid under an overhang for about a half hour, hoping it would pass me by. It didn’t do it’s **vwoop** thing into the cave I was in, so I was spared.

I’m not really safe anywhere here. I just feel safer in the caves. After all, I’ve been trained in mining, not so much in farming and animal husbandry. Especially xenobiological animal husbandry.

Anyway, the sun is up, and I should go use it to relax. Maybe I’ll start a fire and heat some water and take a bath or something. I miss hot showers.

Sketch of the inner wall of the cave house. Window on left, door, window on right. in the window on the left one can see a giraffe corgi (head and snakelike body or maybe it's the neck) staring in with black eyes and a gaping maw. Not as creepy as it should be, but the author is a bad artist.